Hot-air balloon flight in Toledo and guided tour of 'Toledo Magico'

Discover Toledo in a complete visit: Balloon flight and Guided Tour

Vuelo en globo en Toledo y visita guiada toledo mágico

This morning you enjoyed your balloon flight over Toledo. You are still amazed by the experience and the views of the ancient city from a bird’s eye view. You have the whole day ahead of you to continue enjoying the wonders of the ancient city.

You have seen it from above. Now we suggest you see it from the ground.

Guided tour of 'Toledo Magico'

Discover Toledo with ‘Rutas de Toledo’ and its ‘Toledo Magico’ route to discover the secrets and curiosities is the perfect complement to your visit.

There is a reason why ‘Toledo Mágico’ is the most famous guided tour. Because you will enter the most secret and unknown corners of the city to walk around the great monuments, the walls and the impressive old town where three cavilations have lived together in peace for more than 3,000 years.

You will feel how ancient civilisations lived as you learn their stories of witches and spells in the very corners and alleyways where history took place. We will reveal unpublished secrets and curiosities in an exclusive access to a private underground.

IMPORTANT: THIS GUIDED TOUR IS DONE BY TOLEDO ROUTES. You will have to book your places with Toledo Mágico

Visit a private underground in "Magic Toledo".



Calle Sixto Ramón Parro, 9 


Guided Tour of Toledo


Timetables: Tour Toledo Mágico. You must arrive 15 minutes before the booked time.


From 1:30 h. up to 2 hours


Official tourist guide

Guided tour of the city

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Guided tour of the city


XNo pets allowed

X Guided tour is not very accessible