Frequently asked questions - how do I prepare my hot air balloon flight??

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to prepare your hot air balloon flight

Answers to the most frequent questions to prepare my hot air balloon flight

Frequent questions about times for a Hot Air Balloon Flight

What times are there to fly in a Hot Air Balloon?

There is only one balloon flight each day, and we will meet at sunrise.

The best time of each day to fly hot air balloons is at sunrise, and we develop them at this time because it is the time of day with the coolest daytime temperatures and mildest winds. It is worth the little effort to get up early, since c contemplating the sunrise from a balloon flying hundreds of meters high is one of the great experiences you can live.

Frequently asked questions:Duration of the Hot Air Balloon flight

How long is the balloon flight?

A Hot Air Balloon flight is a much more complete activity than the flight itself. In total, the duration of the entire activity is 3.5 - 4 hours. Regarding the flight time, from the moment we take off from the ground until we land we will be in the air for one hour. The flight time may vary for reasons such as the wind or the flight direction.

Frequently asked questions: Steps to go up inside the basket

There is no door for getting into the balloon. It is a Hot Air requirement that each passenger can climb in and out over the 1.2 meter tall balloon basket. We have foot holes that make it easier to climb in. Passengers must also be able to stand up for the entire duration of their flight.

On the sides of the baskets there are two steps to facilitate access. The EoloFLY ground crew will help you get into the basket in a simple and safe way. The baskets are made of wicker, they are light and very robust. If necessary, we have a small ladder that facilitates access to the basket, making boarding and disembarking passengers child's play. There are models of baskets with a door that allow easier access to the basket. However, this easy access is achieved in our opinion by sacrificing the structural integrity of the basket, which in the long term produces deformations in the basket. That is why at EoloFLY we have decided to bet on the safety of baskets without doors, which are 100% robust. The edges, sides and the floor of the interior of the basket are padded, so the feeling on board is very comfortable. During flight time, we will be standing enjoying the views that each flight offers us. Young children must be accompanied at all times and there is no type of chair or chair support. Children, like other passengers, stand in the basket; we do not have accessible baskets authorised to install wheelchairs.

Frequently asked questions: Weather forecast to fly in a Hot Air Balloon

What happens if it rains on the reserved date or the weather forecasts are not good?

If the weather forecasts are not good or it rains, we will notify you of the circumstances. The confirmation or cancellation of the flights is made the day before the flight in order to have the most up-to-date weather forecasts. In case of cancellation of the reservation due to adverse weather conditions, you only have to indicate a new reservation date, and we will send you all the details of the new reservation again. Of course, there are no extra costs or expenses.

Frequently asked questions : what clothes to wear to fly in a hot air balloon?

What clothes are the most suitable for the balloon flight??

To enjoy a balloon flight we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. During the flight, the temperature is practically the same as on the ground. So the best advice we can give you is to use the same type of clothing that we used to take a walk in the countryside at first time in the morning. No more, no less. It is important to pay attention to footwear. Heels and sandals are not allowed. We recommend closed shoes, since both take-off and landing take place in the countryside.

Frequently asked questions: How do I get back to my vehicle?

What is the take-off area? And how do I get back to pick up my car?

In our flight areas we have a series of takeoffs around the city. The reason why we use different takeoffs is to be able to fly over cities on all our flights, so you can always enjoy the best views. The day of your flight the pilot makes a series of observations of the wind and decides a flight plan that allows you to make the best possible flight. In your reservation you will find the meeting point and time where our ground team will be waiting for you on the day of the flight. From here we will transfer you to the takeoff point chosen by the pilot. Once the activity is finished, our ground crew takes all the passengers to the meeting point where you left your car.

faq hot air balloon flight, outdoor activity

During the activity, is there access to bathrooms?

All the activity takes place outdoors. So there is no access to bathrooms. The balloon flight activity lasts about 4 hours from the time we arrive at the take-off field until we return again. During this time there is no access to bathrooms. Our recommendation is that you use the bathrooms before starting the activity. For those passengers with Madrid pick-up included, a 10-minute technical stop has been scheduled during the transfer where public bathrooms are available.

Hot Air Balloon FAQ : there is no sensation of height during the flight

How are the sensations in flight? I have dizziness!

The sensation in flight is very calm and relaxed, and it is one of the things that our passengers stand out the most.

During the balloon flight, the only force that will act on our body is gravity. There are no other extra forces as in other aircraft or a motorcycle that are generated when turning. Therefore, even if it is the first time we fly in a balloon, the sensation is very calm and smooth, since the only force that affects our body is gravity, the same as when we are sitting on the sofa at home. And this does not develop dizziness or fear.
We do not fly as high as airplanes in which the pressure difference can cause discomfort in the ears. In any case, consult your doctor if you have problems with pressure on airplanes and let us know. Also, thanks to the burners, the temperature inside the basket will be a few degrees higher than the day temperature.

There is no sensation of movement or speed, it is like being leaning on a balcony in the sky. Silence is absolute except when the pilot activates one of the burners to regulate the temperature of the balloon.
Many passengers highlight how pleasant and enjoyable balloon flights are.

Frequently asked questions:it's not colder during a hot air balloon flight

Is it colder during the flight?

Contrary to what we might initially believe, the temperature during the flight will be a few degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Above we have the burners that heat the air in the balloon and that makes the temperature in the basket more pleasant than on the ground.

Remember that balloon flights take place at first time in the morning, so you must wear appropriate clothing for the temperature of that time of day.

Frequently asked questions you can fly in a hot air balloon all year round

What is the season to do balloon Hot Air Balloon flights?

You can fly in a Hot Air Balloon all year round. Each season has characteristics that make it unique. We like winter very much, it is a season with a very 'blue' light that allows us to see far away, and flying near the snow-capped mountains are the perfect background. Each flight is confirmed depending on the specific weather of that day, but there is no time better than another.

Frequently asked questions our hot air balloons are of low capacity, more comfortable for our passengers

How many passengers fly in a Hot Air Balloon?

We use different sizes of balloons depending on the number of reservations for that day. Our balloons are compartmentalized, so that a maximum of 4 passengers go in each compartment. This is important because in other companies with balloons of up to 20 passengers per balloon, you can find groups of very 'crowded' passengers. In our low capacity baskets each passenger can enjoy a view without being disturbed in front of him. If the chosen flight option is the private flight, the basket will not be shared with other passengers.

Frequently asked questions, you can fly in a hot air balloon at any age

Is there a minimum age to fly in a Hot Air Balloon?

There are no regulations in this regard. We recommend at least 4 years old and at least one meter tall. Every passenger, including children, must be autonomous and understand the pilot's instructions. Children shorter than one meter will have great difficulty looking over the basket. There is no maximum age to enjoy hot air balloon flights. Anyone with a normal state of health can come to enjoy a hot air balloon flight.

frequently asked questions anyone can fly in a balloon

My parents are over 65 years old. Is Ballooning a safe activity for them?

Absolutely YES. EoloFLY pilots have thousands of hours of flight experience and carry out very extensive periodic training in order to guarantee the safety of your loved ones. All the procedures of our company are planned and executed with the same goal. That each of the passengers enjoy an unforgettable experience. The only requirement for our passengers is that they be able to stand in the basket during the flight time. Our record is a 92-year-old passenger.

Frequently asked questions:  Private Hot Air Balloon flight just for two

I want to have a special celebration on the day of my balloon ride, how can I do it?

A hot air balloon flight with EoloFLY is a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Our entire team wants this to be a very special moment for you. If you tell us that you are celebrating a birthday, we will prepare a cake that you can have on landing, at no cost. If you are looking for a balloon flight just for the two of you, we offer you the best service with the Exclusive Balloon Flight. One hot air balloon just for the two of you. On landing, we will set up a table and chairs for you to enjoy a bottle of French champagne along with a luxury breakfast.

Frequently asked questions helping to collect the balloon is fun?

Can I help to pack up the balloon?

Assisting in the deflation and pack up process of the balloon envelope is entirely optional. From EoloFLY we encourage you to do it, since it is a unique opportunity to be part of this great adventure, and it is a very fun moment of the experience.