Hot Air Balloons Flights in Spain - EoloFLY

Hot Air balloons flights in Spain - EoloFLY

In EoloFLY Balloon Flights you will find all the information you need to prepare your hot air balloon flight. Flying areas in Spain, meeting points and all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about balloon rides.

Here you will find all the tips to prepare your balloon trip, and in our balloon flights blog, you will also find a lot of information about activities related to balloon flights.

5,0 EoloFLY Balloon Flights
More than 800 reviews 5/5
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With over 800 5-star reviews on Google reviews, over 600 reviews on TripAdvisor and more than 20 years of dedication to our passion, we have thousands of satisfied passengers and dreams fulfilled.
Abner Perez
Abner Perez
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Excellent service! They look for you just in the right place (In our case it was Madrid. They transported us there and back. Madrid to Segovia). Once at the place, they use a very large field for the balloons, which is safe.... More
Lyubka G.
Lyubka G.
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It has been an incredible experience!!! (we flew in Segovia and the views are unbeatable). I recommend it 1000%. The feeling of flying is very pleasant and you don't notice anything that moves the balloon (no vertigo, no fear) the staff is lovely, super friendly and professional, we really had a great time. For me it was the perfect gift.... More
Juan David L.
Juan David L.
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A very pleasant trip and the people in charge of the flight were very kind, it is an experience that you have to do and Segovia from the air is beautiful.
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Do you want to fly in a Hot Air Balloon?

Hot Air Ballooning is a safe and unique experience that those who have experienced it will remember for many years to come. A lifetime experience!

Hot-air balloon flights with passengers are a type of commercial air transport regulated and controlled by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency – AESA (Civil Aviation), carried out by authorised companies. EoloFLY has held an Aerial Work Licence since 2001.

For all these reasons, we offer you the most interesting and attractive balloon flights. Balloon flights over cities such as Segovia, Aranjuez, the Guadarrama mountains in Madrid or Toledo. World Heritage Cities, where hot-air balloon flights have become a classic.

Segovia desde el aire, en globo

What’s more, we offer you packages with Balloon Ride and Hotel, which includes the night before, entrance to the hotel and the following morning two tickets for the Balloon Ride. Available in the best flying area: Segovia.

With the Special Couples in Segovia package you sleep in the centrally located hotel, next to the bus station, and the next morning you have the take-off field only 5 minutes walking distance away.

In short, anyone who has enjoyed flying in a hot air balloon will never forget it. Because flying in a balloon is a dream. As reflected on the back of our uniforms: ‘We make your dreams come true, EoloFLY balloon flights’.

All Hot Air Balloon Flights include:

Disfrutando tras el viaje en globo
Viajes y Paseos en globo Aerostático - Picnic
Todos reciben su Diploma acreditativo de su vuelo en globo

Receive photos and video of your adventure same day of the flight.

Balloon Set Up

First, we set up the balloon on the launch field. We check that everything is in perfect order, and we get into the basket to start our balloon flight.

One hour Balloon Flight

Once we have checked that everything is in perfect working order, we take off smoothly and go flying. We will be enjoying the smooth flight. We will be enjoying the smooth flight, the flight plan of the balloon rides is one hour.

Aeronautical Ceremony

You are now part of the history of aviation, so traditions are to be followed. We will celebrate a ceremony to commemorate your milestone.

Champagne Toast

We cannot forget traditions. And in all Balloon Flights we toast with Spanish champagne. Cheers to the next Flights!

Traditional Spanish Breakfast

To replenish our energy, we shared some delicious dishes with Spanish Tapas. The perfect finishing touch of a perfect morning!

Flight Certificate

Receive a personalized Hot Air Balloon Certificate to remember this moment for ever.

Photo and Video Report

We record all the activity with photo and video cameras. We make a report with the best moments of the adventure and we send it to you so that you can share it with your family and friends. You will keep a unique souvenir of your balloon flight. We send you the video report the same day of your flight. That is our commitment!

We fly over uniques cities to make uniques Hot Air Balloon flights

Segovia, viaje en globo
Balloon flight over Segovia

Ranked as one of the top 10 destinations in the world, Segovia from a hot air balloon flight is without doubt an experience you will never forget!

Vuelo en globo en Toledo
Hot Air Balloon Flights over Toledo

The historic city with views around the Tagus river. From the balloon flight, Toledo is a spectacle worth seeing from another point of view.

Vuelo en globo en Madrid
Ballooning over the Guadarrama Mountains

In the western part of the capital, with the Sierra del Guadarrama mountain range in the background, it creates an incomparable setting.

Vuelo en globo en Aranjuez
Aranjuez Palace from the Balloon Flight

Take off and have the wonderful Aranjuez Palace at your feet, see the gardens and the river. A unique view!

Steps to book your hot air balloon flight

How to book your flight
1st Select the day of your flight
Book 33%
2nd Take your Ticket You receive all the details of your booking
Book your flight 66%
Enjoy your Hot air Balloon flight
Enjoy the Ride! 100%


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Our Commitment. Your Balloon Flight would be a lifetime experience

We believe that a Balloon Flight is a unique experience. So we want it to be your Balloon Flight.
We want each of you to have a totally different and original experience. For all these reasons, hot air balloon flight is an experience classified as Quality Tourism.
Most importantly, we want to meet your expectations. Some of you come to share a family experience. Others, simply to live as a couple experience. You have come to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries… we have had proposals of marriage in the air, a thousand and one adventures in our balloon flights, which makes each flight unrepeatable.
For all these reasons, we will make your Balloon Flight unique and special.
That is our goal : make your dream come true

Thanks to all this, we have designed every part of the experience, just as we would have liked it to be done for us.
But, we take into account those small differences in each of you, in order to make your dreams come true.

That is the motto that we carry on our backs, and that on every flight, we raise to the sky with you.

Why do you have to wait several days to have the pictures and video of your flight?

Of course, we all want to see what our Balloon Flight was like. Photos that we want to show to our friends and family of our Hot Air Balloon Flight.

Our commitment is: the same day of the flight, you receive your photos and your video.

Our Balloons are of maximum comfort

Viajes y Paseos en globo Aerostático - Vistas desde el cómodo viaje en globo
In our Balloon Trips, passengers enjoy the maximum comfort baskets and the Pilot's explanations.

The comfort of the compartments in our balloons is one of our qualities. This makes personal contact easier, direct contact with the pilot more direct and maximum comfort in the compartments of our baskets.

We vacuum and clean all equipment every day, after every use.

Every day, when we drop off our passengers at the same point where we meet them, we clean and disinfect all the equipment we have used.

This ensures that all equipment such as balloon baskets and support vehicles are clean and perfect for their next use.

This is important, as you won’t find dirt, grime and other discomforts in our flying equipment.

The important thing is that you just worry about enjoying your experience.