Hot Air balloons flights in Spain - EoloFLY

Hot Air balloons flights in Spain - EoloFLY

In EoloFLY Hot Air Balloon Rides and Trips, we offer you all the information you need to prepare your hot air balloon flight experience.

2 January 2022
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It has been a great experience. Pepe and Pedro have been great. If anyone has any doubts or fears, don't hesitate. It is very pleasant and relaxing. We will repeat without a doubt.
2 January 2022
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An amazing experience, with an incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and excellent staff. We chose the pickup from hotel option and were able to experience the whole process of inflation and preparation of the air balloon. We had an incredible time and cannot recommend this enough. A+++
Migas en la mesa
Migas en la mesa
Local Guide - 74 reviews
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A highly recommended experience. The flight is smooth and relaxed and the views are amazing 🙂 Jose Antonio and Daniela are very majestic. And there was no problem to maintain safety distance due the covid.
Eduardo E
Eduardo E
25 July 2021
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Unique experience, breathtaking views, unbeatable treatment by the entire EoloFLY team from Pepe, the pilot, to the reservations staff. One of the safest and most beautiful activities that we have done.Totally recommended.
24 July 2021
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Amazing adventure, you can't miss it.
My favorite part, EVERYTHING. An unforgettable experience for my whole family, if you think you're going to be scared or dizzy at all, the amazing views. Our pilot a great guide. No detail is missing. We will repeat for sure.
Raquel P.
Raquel P.
13 July2021
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Impressive balloon ride through Segovia. The views of the cathedral, the Alcazar and the aqueduct are amazing!
26 july 2021
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A different, exceptional, unforgettable and totally recommendable experience.
The tranquility and calm that surrounded the journey from the beginning of the flight. A smooth take-off that made us rise in a natural way with total absence of dizziness or vertigo. The views are exceptional, without noise around and looking at the space from another perspective. It is worth getting up early to live this experience. We will repeat.
Ana María
Ana María
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Positivos: Profesionalidad

¡Sinceramente increíble! Una experiencia única, decir que el viaje ha sido muy agradable, suave y relajante. Además que influye mucho las ganas y la profesionalidad que le pone el piloto José Antonio. Este viaje lo hicimos en Aranjuez, el próximo y esperemos que no sea muy tarde lo haremos en Segovia. Recomendable 100%
Jahs H.
Jahs H.
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Positives:: Quality, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Value:

A very recommendable activity, a very good company, very nice staff, friendly and interested in teaching us and telling us all about the balloon. Everything perfect for pandemic times, everything very controlled in terms of hygiene and covid-19 methods.
Johana C
Johana C
13 July 2021
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A dream come true. We could not be in the best hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The kindness of pepe and his combo is priceless. Excellent pilot and professional. It makes you live a fantastic experience both in the air and on the ground.
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Here you will find all the information needed to prepare your adventure. Flight locations, take off areas, meeting points and all the FAQ about Hot Air Balloon Flights.

At our blog we provide interesting information about how to organize your flight, the history of Hot Air Balloons, records and tourism guides of our amazing flying locations.

Do you want to fly in a Hot Air Balloon?

Hot Air Balloon flights are a safe and memorable experience you will remember ever.

Standards for hot air ballooning uphold & reflect the full Ballooning safety standards in Europe, highly regarded internationally & monitored by the Civil Aviation & Safety Authority AESA This includes a strict regime  of fatigue management, DAMP, initial pilot training and licensing, regular company-wide safety meetings, workplace health and safety officer, recurrent training and check flights, frequent audits by AESA of our  facilities and records, an Air Operators Certificate is issued to EoloFly by AESA and monitored by them. 


For all these reasons, we offer you the most interesting and attractive balloon flights. Cities such as Segovia, Aranjuez, the Guadarrama mountain range in Madrid or Toledo. Cities declared World Heritage Sites, where balloon flights are already a classic.

Segovia from the air

The special couples package includes 1 night hotel accommodation  plus a Hot Air Balloon flight for 2 passengers. Available at Segovia and Aranjuez.

Segovia special couples package includes one night accommodation in a double room at Hotel Corregidor ** located just 5 minutes walking to Segovia Historical CBD and 200 meters away from our most frequently used take-off area.

With the Special Couples package Aranjuez you can enjoy this amazing location in a Hotel located just 3 minutes walking from the Real Palace and 200 meters from the take-off area where you will meet our friendly and professional team of crew and pilots.

You will never forget this fantastic experience. A lifetime opportunity to fly in a Hot Air Balloon over  this amazing places. With EoloFLY your dream will become true.

We fly over uniques cities to make uniques Hot Air Balloon flights

Hot air balloon flight and ride over Segovia
Hot air balloon flight over Segovia

It is considered like one of the 10 best Hot Air Balloons flights in the world. A lifetime experience like no other floating over the medieval city.

Hot Air Balloon in Toledo  - EoloFLY
Hot Air Balloon over Toledo

The views of the 3 cultures city of Toledo surrounded by the Tajo river from a Hot Air Balloon are just superb. A world-class experience like no other you can dream of.

Hot Air Balloon in Villanueva del Pardillo  - EoloFLY
Hot Air Balloon flight at Guadarrama Mountain Ranges

Located at the north-west of Madrid CBD is the closest flying area to Madrid capital. The Guadarrama mountain range creates an extraordinary natural wonder of  views you can enjoy in a hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon in Aranjuez - EoloFLY
The Royal Palace of Aranjuez from a hot air balloon

Take off and be able to see a Royal Palace from hundreds of meters of height, the royal gardens around the river. There is not a better way to start your day.

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All the Hot Air Balloons Flights include

Happiness after the Hot Air Balloon flight
Brunch and Champagne Toast after the hot air balloon flight
Hot Air Balloon Certificate, photos and video of the flight

We send you your photos and video of your balloon flight the same day of the flight

Balloon Set Up

First we will inflate our balloons at the launchsite . You can help our crew with the set up spreading the balloon fabric. Once the pilot has check everything is in order our crew will help you to go inside the basket.

One hour Balloon Flight

Once in the basket you will receive a safety briefing from your Pilot and you will start your adventure. After one hour floating through the air, it's time to return to ground level, so, follow your pilot's instructions for a smooth landing.

Aeronautical Ceremony

You are now part of the history of aviation, so traditions are to be followed. We will celebrate a ceremony to commemorate your milestone.

Champagne Toast

A balloon tradition since the 18th century. All Hot Air Balloon Flights must finish with a champagne toast to celebrate your adventure.

Traditional Spanish Breakfast

It's time to celebrate your flight with a glass of Champagne and a taste of our Spanish breakfast with amazing plates like jamon serrano, chorizo and manchego cheese.

Flight Certificate

Receive a personalized Hot Air Balloon Certificate to remember this moment for ever.

Photo and Video Souvenir of your flight included

We will record your flight high quality cameras and will set up a video of your flight that will be available at our website the same day of your flight. I's our commitment!

Steps to book your hot air balloon flight

How to book your flight
Select the day of your flight
Book 33%
You will receive an email with all the details of your flight
Book your flight 66%
Enjoy your Hot air Balloon flight
Enjoy the Ride! 100%

Hot Air Balloon Flights Calendar

Select the area where you want to fly. Available dates are being shown in green color.

For any other dates please be in contact with our sales team.


Click here and choose your preferred booking date

Canjear bono regalo

Receive in your e-mail the Flight Tickets and all the information you need to prepare your experience.

Our Commitment. Your Balloon Flight would be a lifetime experience

We are aware your Hot Air Balloon Flight has been in your bucket list for many years and we want to make this moment truly remarkable for you and your love ones. We have designed our tours to over comply your expectations. If you are coming as part of a family trip, or a special celebration, or even to ask for marriage to your future partner…just ask us about your dream and we will make it come true. We will make your Hot Air Balloon Flight something very special, as you always has dream it would be . That is our GOAL : Make your dream Come True
That is our goal : make your dream come true

Our tours have been designed thinking what we would like to receive in a first class experience hot air balloon flight. And this is exactly what you are going to live: your dream will become true.

Why do you have to wait several days to have the pictures and video of your flight?

We want you can remember and enjoy your experience again and again. That’s why we will record your flight and set up a video composition the same day of your adventure. During the flight we have 2 cameras on board recording all the experience. We will resume 1 hour flight in a 4 minutes video, so you can download it and share it with your loved ones.

Publicación de videos y fotos el mismo día de vuelo
Our commitment : your photos and video of your adventure will be available the same day of your flight

You can see your video in our Facebook page, download a copy to your own devices o directly share your experience using the social media platform.

As easy as that. Photos & Video of your Hot Air Balloon Flight available the same day of your adventure.

Our Balloons are of maximum comfort

Segovia Alcazar from a hot air balloon
In our Balloon Trips, passengers enjoy the maximum comfort baskets and the Pilot's explanations.

The comfort in the compartments of our balloons is one of our qualities. This makes personal contact with the pilot easier, more direct contact with the pilot and maximum comfort in the compartments of our baskets.

We vacuum and clean all equipment every day, after every use.

Every day, when we drop off our passengers at the same point where we meet them, we clean and disinfect all the equipment we have used.

Globos de baja capacidad ocupacional
The comfort of our balloons is a quality that sets us apart.