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Hot Air Balloon , How it works?

What is a hot air balloon?

What is a Hot Air Balloon?

It is an aircraft composed of three systems (envelope, burner, basket) that produces its lift due to the difference in the weight of the interior of the envelope with the outside air that surrounds it. This difference in weight is due to the fact that the heated air inside is lighter than the air outside and this produces a lift effect. The basket is attached to the envelope by several cables and has enough space for the passengers, the pilot and the propane gas bottles that are connected to the balloon burner and provide the necessary gas to heat the air inside the balloon.

Why does a hot air balloon fly?

why does a balloon fly?

A hot air balloon flies by the difference in temperature inside the balloon with the temperature outside the balloon. The air inside the balloon is heated by gas burners. As its temperature increases, the air inside becomes lighter than the air outside the balloon and tends to rise. Once in flight, the propane burners are used to control the temperature of the balloon and thus rise or fall at will.


How do you fly a balloon?

The burners are used to control the temperature of the air inside the balloon. Our pilots receive extensive training to analyze wind conditions and select a take-off area that guarantees the best possible flights over the heritage cities we fly over.

Frequent questions: How Hot Air Balloons are steered?

How is a balloon directed?

Literally speaking balloons cannot be steered. However, with adequate training and sufficient experience, balloon pilots are able to perform precision flights using the wind as their ally. At different heights we will find different wind speeds and different directions. An experienced pilot is able to use different wind currents to plan and execute a flight plan with great precision. To ascend or descend the pilot will control the interior temperature of the balloon using the propane burners.

Frequent questions: what distance-travels-a-balloon?

How far can a balloon travel?

The distance traveled by a hot air balloon depends on the wind and the duration of the flight. A commercial balloon trip usually travels a distance of 5-10 km from the take-off area. There are hot air balloon competitions whose objective is to travel as far as possible.

Frequent questions:how-do-the-balloons-land?

How do the balloons land?

Once the pilot has selected the landing zone, he will make an approach to it, decreasing the temperature inside the balloon, so the balloon will begin a gentle descent. The speed of descent is controlled with the use of gas burners, which allows safe landings.

Frequent questions: Why are there different sizes of balloons?

Why are there different sizes of balloons?

The size of the balloon depends on the capacity of the balloon. A small 1-passenger balloon has a volume of about 56,000 cubic feet. A 16-passenger commercial balloon has a volume of 350,000 cubic feet. The larger the envelope of the balloon, the more air it contains in its interior and greater the capacity to lift weight.

Frequent questions: How tall is a balloon?

How tall is a balloon?

The greater the volume of weight you want to lift, the larger the balloon will be. A 2 passenger balloon has a height of about 18 meters high. A 24-passenger commercial balloon is about 40 meters high by 25 meters wide.

Frequent questions:how much-a-balloon-weighs?

How much does a balloon weigh?

The weight of an 8-passenger balloon (basket, propane gas, burner and candle) is about 1,500 kg and about 2,200 kg for a 16-passenger balloon.

Frecuent questions about what balloons are made of

What are balloons made of?

The balloon envelope is constructed of nylon. The lower part of the envelope and close to the basket uses a fabric called Nomex whose main characteristic is its great resistance to heat. The balloon basket is made of wicker to allow it to have some flexibility. The wicker covers an internal structure of aeronautical aluminum and steel cables that ensure the solidity of the whole.

Frequent questions: How long does it take to build a balloon?

How long does it take to build a balloon?

As a general rule, hot air balloon manufacturers need about 3 months of work to build all the components. The balloon fabric sewing process takes 5-8 weeks depending on the size of the balloon.

Frequent questions: How much a Hot Air Balloon cost?

How much does a balloon cost?

The purchase cost of all the necessary material depends on the size of the balloon. As a guideline, a complete balloon for 16 passengers represents an investment of about 100,000 Euros.

FAQ What is a Ground Crew?

What is the ground crew?

The ground crew is part of the flight team of a hot air balloon. Its main function is to assist the pilot in all phases of the flight, from preparation, ground tracking and balloon retrieval. Each balloon flight team is made up of a pilot and a minimum of 1 ground crew member. In aeronautical slang it is also known as Soguilla because it is in charge of controlling the rope with which the balloons inflate.

FAQ Hot Air Balloon Pilot

I would like to be a Balloon Pilot. Can you inform me how I can do it?

Ballooning EoloFLY only operates commercial flights, we are not a pilot school. Email us, and we will inform you of the schools that we recommend.