Tickets in Aranjuez with Hotel and Hot Air Balloon Flight

Tickets in Aranjuez with Hot Air Balloon Flight plus hotel

  • Arrive to Aranjuez the day before the flight.
  • Check-in at the hotel from 2 pm
  • The next day, a 5-minute walk away, we wait for you at the take-off field.
  • 07.30 am (Aprox)We will wellcome you at the take off area at the Parking of the Trade Fair Ground of Aranjuez
  • 07:40 am Last phase of the  balloon set up. We stand up the balloon and get into the basket! The pilot will give us instructions on how the balloon works and a short safety briefing. During the flight there is no movement, just enjoy the views
  • 08:15 am We take off! For an hour we will enjoy the views of the city of Aranjuez, with the Royal Palace and the surrounding fields.
  • 09:15 am Landing! It is time for celebration
  • 09:45 am We tell the story & the beginnings of ballooning  which leads us to the celebration of your flight with a champagne toast
  • 10:15 am  Enjoy the toast with cava and the typical brunch with tasty local products
  • 10:30 am Receive  the commemorative diploma  of the flight  and return to the meeting point in our vehicles
  • 10:45 amIn the afternoon, the photo and video report of the flight will be available on our social networks, from which you can see and share your entire adventure.
  • 10:45 am Return to the Take-off Field, where we will say goodbye to all the passengers
✓ Welcome ✓ 1 hour hot air balloon flight ✓ Traditional champagne toast ✓ Tasty brunch with local products  ✓ Commemorative diploma ✓ Photos & Video of the flight ✓ Transfers to the meeting point in Aranjuez
🔹  Flight Tickets, on your phone is enough 🔹 Comfortable clothes according to the temperature of that day at 7 am. You don’t need more coat than that! 🔹 Closed and comfortable footwear. You must wear the clothes and shoes that you would use to take a walk in the countryside. 🔹 If you are a tall person, you will appreciate a cap.
  • Special Couples packge
  • Includes 1 Night accomodation in double room and 2 Hot Air Balloon over Segovia Tickets
  • Special couples price : 46o€
  • If your flight is canceled due to weather, you can either book for another date or ask for a refund.

Hotel Night and 2 Balloon Flight Tickets € 460 / Package

To book select the date of the flight ( check in at the hotel the day before)

Reviews of our customers

Cristina M.
Cristina M.
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Flying in a balloon is super cool !! We had the wrong idea of ​​what it would be like to go in a balloon. We were a little nervous if it was unstable but not at all. The flight is very controlled, the movement is not noticeable or gives a feeling of vertigo. It is enjoyed from beginning to end !! It is wonderful to appreciate the views with a very pleasant feeling of tranquility. I would have stayed up there! What's more...
Elena M.
Elena M.
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Great experience and better treatment if possible. Without a doubt the best option to ask your partner for marriage.
Maribel Mb.
Maribel Mb.
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Such a beautiful experience that I hope to repeat in Segovia. Safety and friendliness at all times