Hot Air Balloon over Agreda

Balloon Flight in Ágreda - Soria. September 7 and 8, 2019

The Hot Air Balloon Flight over Ágreda is a smooth and calm way to enjoy the views of our surroundings.

We take the hot air balloons to Ágreda to fly over the town and admire its monuments from the air.

From a bird’s eye view, but with complete peace of mind and security.

Thus, from the balloon flight in Ágreda, we can admire the Torreón de la Muela, its churches and watchtowers, the Palace of Castejón … and all its surroundings.


There are flights scheduled for September 7 and 8, 2019

We make a flight every day, and we meet at dawn at 07:45 a.m.

The Ticket for the Balloon Flight over Ágreda, includes:

  • 07: 45h – Reception at the Takeoff Field. Depending on the wind component, it will be determined a few days before
  • Assembly and revision of the Hot Air Balloon
    Flight over Ágreda and surroundings for one hour
  • Traditional Ceremony of ‘Aeronautical Baptism’
  • Toast with Cava Brut and Soft Drinks
  • Country lunch with Iberian ham, cheese and omelette
  • Souvenir Accreditation Diploma
  • Video report with GoProⓇ cameras  We give you the video-report of your balloon flight.
  • Civil Aviation Passenger Insurance
    Total Activity: 4 hours long

There are flights scheduled for September 7 and 8, 2019

It is necessary to reserve each seat for each passenger. Your Ticket is the guarantee of your place to be able to make the balloon flight. The scheduled dates are September 7 and 8. The necessary balloons will be taken to cover the reserved places, so once they are full, there will be no possibility of booking. Balloon flights are subject to a minimum reservation.

If due to weather conditions, the flights could not be made on the scheduled dates, September 7 and 8. New flight dates will be agreed. Tickets valid for one year.

Book your flight here, acquiring your Ticket for the desired date


Tickets for the Hot Air Balloon Flight 7 th September

-Adult / children-

180€ - 140€

Tickets for the Hot Air Balloon Flight, 7th September

  • Adult €180
  • Children under 12 years old, 140
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Sunday 8th September

Tickets for the Hot Air Balloon Flight 8 th September

-Adult / children-

180€ - 140€

Tickets for the Hot Air Balloon Flight, 8th September

  • Adult €180
  • Children under 12 years old, 140€
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What does it mean to be able to Fly in a Balloon ?

Regulated by Civil Aviation

The Balloon Flight. A Regulated activity

Balloon Flights EoloFLY is a trademark of Eolo Marketing S.L. and is authorized by the State Air Safety Agency -AESA www.seguridadaerea.gob.es- to carry out Commercial Flights with passengers in Hot Air Balloons.

All balloons are aircraft registered and regulated by AESA. They pass regular inspections, and the acquisition of a Ticket for the balloon flight, carries its corresponding aviation insurance.

Likewise, the Pilots have a Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot License, and like balloons, they regularly pass medical and expert examinations to keep their licenses up to date.

This means that the balloon flight is a safe and quiet activity to enjoy the views of the environment, in this case of the Villa de Ágreda with full guarantee.

Like all outdoor activities, balloon flights are subject to weather conditions. This is why balloon flights cannot be confirmed until the day before. Since if it rains, or the conditions are not within the operating limits, we must cancel the activity. In that case, we will propose new dates for the flight. By default, Balloon Flight Tickets are valid for one year.

We only do one balloon flight every day. And we meet at dawn. At 07:45 hours. Thus, we make sure that the weather conditions are the mildest to enjoy the flights.

In the balloon flight, you do not develop dizziness or fear. The sensation is of being completely still, and it is the floor that will gradually move under the basket.

The Balloon Flight still maintains the 'Magic' of the first flights

We take off from Ágreda to see the city from the air

Hot Air Balloons landing