Frequently asked questions, how do we fly in a hot air balloon now with Covid-19?

Everything has changed since February 2020. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how we perform balloon flights in the Covid-19 situation

All the measures will be updated according to the different regulations in force at any given time.

What are the measures to adopt in a hot air balloon flight with Covid?

We wear a mask to fly in a hot air balloon

Should I wear a mask to fly in a hot air balloon?

Sí. Es necesario llevar mascarilla durante toda la actividad.Aunque el vuelo en globo es una actividad que se realizara al aire libre, está demostrado que las mejor barrera es que todos y cada uno llevemos mascarilla en todo momento.Además, al recepcionaros en el Campo de Despegue os vamos a entregar una bolsa a cada uno para que tengáis una mascarilla de repuesto. Toda la actividad tiene una duración de unas 3,5 horas y se puede romper o caer la que traéis. De esta manera tenéis una siempre a mano.
Las mejores mascarillas para nuestros pasajeros Mascarillas Bejar, fabricadas en España

Bag with mask and gel to fly in a hot air balloon

Are we going to use hydroalcoholic gel?

Another barrier that we are going to use to safely enjoy your hot air balloon flight is hand cleaning. In the same bag that we are going to give you, you will have your personal gel bottle ready for you to use at any time. In addition, we are going to remind you at lunchtime. And if necessary, we carry large gel cans in our vehicles to use at any time.

Keeping social distance during the hot air balloon flight

Do we have to maintain a safe distance?

Yes. At all times that is possible, we will keep safe distances between different family units, especially at the reception in the Take-off Field and once landed, during the toast and lunch. We must maintain safety distances and our flight personnel will remind you. In the basket it is not possible, we would need baskets of 40 meters in length! And they do not exist. But we must bear in mind that all the activity is carried out in the open air and this is continually being renewed around us. In addition, naturally, all passengers are looking out of the basket, so we are avoiding being close to others. We remind you that if you want, you can fly in family groups with our private flights options.

Hot Air Balloon for two

Do I have to have a PCR to fly in a balloon?

It is not necessary to bring a PCR to fly in a balloon. But we are going to ask you to be responsible. On the day of the flight, you must sign a statement confirming that you have not had any positive test in the last 14 days, and that you do not live with anyone who has had a positive test in the same period.

Breakfast in Covid-19 situation

Will I share the breakfast with other people?

No. We deliver your breakfast in individual boxes. It is still the usual delicious breakfast but closed in individual boxes. So that we can enjoy the same as before, but with all the security that is required. We also remind you that we have diets for any need, vegetarians, vegans, Muslims or celiacs have already enjoyed our famous breakfast after each balloon flight.

cleaning and disinfection after each flight

How are the hot air balloons cleaned?

During the first confinement, in March 2020, we also asked the same questions. So during those months we took advantage of the time and asked that same question to the 3 balloon manufacturers in Europe. We developed together with Civil Aviation a cleaning and disinfection guide that we apply after each flight. In addition, since we have to use cleaning and disinfection materials, we carry out training on how to use the appropriate products. The temperature of the hot air balloon fabric in flight is around 100 degrees Celsius, so it is already a total disinfection process. In the basket, it practically consists of a first cleaning process to later disinfect the balloon basket. Different disinfectants are used depending on the materials in which it is applied. A record is kept for tracking. So all the gear is ready and ready after each use for the next flight.

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What if the confinement zones change before I can do my hot air balloon flight?

If you reserve a flight date, and you have a change on the confinement areas, so you cannot come to the reserved hot air balloon flight, please let us know as soon as possible, to cancel the reservation. Your Tickets are extended for two years so that you can choose a new date again. What we want is that when you come you can enjoy your experience, complying with all regulations and with complete safety.